Knead Me - New Clients


This is your opportunity to melt away all those aches and pains.  Your first visit includes time to discuss all your whoas and 2 hours of table time to make them wows!  Follow up includes stretches specific to your needs. And a gel that will alleviate the soreness while you heal.   What you thought were the struggles you had to deal with could just be a treatment away.  

2 hours plus review of history …..$255   





Cold Laser Light Therapy


As an add on to any treatment or as a separate treatment, CLLT can help your new injuries heal faster!  Increasing blood circulation to muscles, tissues and joints, allowing you to heal quicker with less pain and inflammation.    


Add on .....$55                            A la carte .....$95                            


Runner's Kneads


Runners have specific needs for their knees.  Bring those painful patellas in for a custom tailored session and CLLT to heal it.  We will cover the ways to get you back on the track.


60 min …..$140






Ready, Set, Sports Treatment


The goal of sports bodywork is to restore normal function and range of motion to the athlete.  First we identify the contracted tissues and then work the muscles that are responsible.  Releasing from tight musculature along with assisted stretching and following up with infrared light on problem areas.  It will have you back in the swing of racquets, paddles & bats.  Regular therapy can relieve tension in overworked muscles before problems develop and help maintain flexibility, as well as reduce injuries.  

(Sprains & strains need 72 hours for ligaments to reattach before I can repair them.)


90min .....$195                             120 min .....$255








Mixed - Martial - Manipulation


Working out or completing rigorous household/work duties can cause your muscles, tendons and ligaments to contract so tight that they do not release.  When that happens, you need to de-stress your body on the double with targeted treatment on the areas that ache the most.  Deep Tissue treatment will break down those adhesions that cause blocked circulation, pressure on the nerves, inflammation and alleviate the pain.  Working across the grain or length of muscle tissue will help break up and can eliminate scar tissue.  Direct pressure or friction on the contracted areas of muscle and fascia will shrug off tight, aching muscles and restore your normal mobility.  Through weaving motions on the muscles & lymphatic system, veined drainage occurs improving circulation throughout the body.  This will increase the flow of oxygen in the blood, shorten the recovery time from muscular strain as well as flush the tissues.  In return, it promotes relaxation, increases muscle tone, gives better range of motion and better drainage of your lymphatic system.    


90 min …… $195  After your New Client Appt           






Every pregnancy is unique and the therapy should be tailored to your individual, bump-friendly needs. Gentle gliding techniques are used to help alleviate some of the ailments associated with pregnancy; such as lower back pain, sciatic nerve issues, shoulder pain, fatigue, swelling, and joint tenderness.  Prenatal treatment can help improve circulation, reduce stress, promote better function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and overall body tone. Additionally, prenatal treatments decrease mental and physical fatigue and restores balance so you can leave feeling reborn.

We have Full Body pregnancy cushion!


90 min …..$195      




Home Sweet Ommmmm

Exclusively for established or referred clients, your Therapist will travel to your sanctuary.  Giving yourself the gift of wellness in your home is a blissful way to begin or end your day.  Specialized treatments are included; however, you must request them in advance.  Next time your oasis is calling you, call for your oasis to be delivered.  

90 min …… $350 - $450               30 min …..$30 thereafter

Prices are variable based on needs of Client and Therapist

Office Ommmmm

Exclusively for businesses or events, our Therapists will bring one of our ahhhh-mazing soft chairs to you.  You can arrange 10 mins to 30 mins of bliss for each incredible member of your staff.  Now THAT is a way to say THANK YOU!!!!  

4 hours/1 Therapist …… $350              

2nd Therapist add on …..$250

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All sessions have a warm table, jade stone heating pad, pain reliever for FREE, and so much more!!!

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