Massage vs. Acupressure Therapy

It is understandable how people conflate Massage with Acupressure.  However, Massage is more relaxation and working out some of the symptoms with relief commonly being short lived and minimal at best.  Acupressure is designed to be more aggressive in nature and used to identify and resolve the root of the problem.  Acupressure also addresses the lymphatic system which is crucial to ensure ongoing health.  Another core difference is Massage Therapists are simply not trained the same skill sets that Acupressure Therapists have been taught.  Massage Therapists begin with the best intentions but fall short with State regulations in Texas. Any overlap between the two disciplines is they both involve people and they share some of the same basic medical vocabulary.  Even in this circumstance, Acupressure is more comprehensive in what is expected from the Therapist in terms of sheer volume of knowledge.


Massage is governed by TDLR.  The State defines massage as manipulation of soft tissue by hand or through mechanical or electrical apparatus.  They have schools teach effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (when someone beats the sides of their hands on you), and Swedish gymnastics.  Intrinsically, LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) are taught seven different ways to spread lotion on a body.  They have a State exam that covers anything from the ways to stroke the body, all the way to which crystal is best for a chakra.  There are so very many contraindications, examples being that Massage Therapists have to give ice to your tendonitis or your carpal tunel.  While Acupressure Therapists can dig into the issues and work your problems out.  Too many times, LMT’s are unfortunately prohibited from truly helping a client because they are not allowed to go over boney structures (i.e. your hip bone, near your spine, etc) or places where the muscle’s origins are.  Essentially, the focus of Western Massage in Texas is flowing movements to the superficial muscle layer for the purposes of relaxation.


Acupressure is not regulated by the State and you must be taught by a Practitioner who is extremely well versed.  Pressure is applied systematically and in a sequential method to acupoints in order to correct blockages.  There is focus given to tendons, ligaments, muscles and most importantly, joints.  Lymphatic drainage is automatically part of the acupressure process.  While there is no regulation by the State, communities often know who heals and where to go for such relief, letting the free market regulate. Acupressure is classified under work which is not within the statutory definition of Massage.

At Knotty No More, we are definitely NOT Massage nor a Spa, nor a Salon.   While we do not need it, we are all certified in Acupressure through classes.  We are constantly training to provide the greatest relief for our clients’ pain.  We take your pain very seriously and consistently strive to provide excellence in Acupressure Therapy.

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