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Booksy FAQ's First.....

*Booksy has a privacy wall where none of our Staff can see your credit card number, nor have access to it.  This makes it one of the safest ways to make appointments.  We strive for excellence and Booksy helps us to do that!  It encrypts your information.  So even if we were hacked or if they were hacked, there is no information stolen!


*We charge your credit card for the service up front!!!  We understand this is not ideal.  It has been very close to our demise, due to people taking advantage of our kindness. You will lose your payment if you do not show for your appointment or cancel under the 48 hour window.  HOWEVER, you are most welcome to send a friend, loved one, or family member for that appointment!!!!  That time is YOURS, so please make sure someone comes in.  We LOVE to work!!!!

*If you have a gift card, please call and speak to Andrew.  The gift card must cover half of the treatment you would like to have.  If he is busy, please leave your name and number on the voice mail and he will call or text you back as soon as he can. We do not call people back who did not leave a message. That's a little stalker-y.

*If you are using a FSA or an HSA card, we will check and see if your card is accepted by Booksy. If it is not we must take a credit or debt card instead. However, we can issue a detailed receipt so you can apply for reimbursement.

We have had to go to these extremes for security and because some people have to be made accountable.  We promise, this was never the direction we wanted to go.

FAQ's about Treatments

*Do NOT come in for services if you are SICK!  We will take your temperature.  And we have the right to refuse service to anyone.  I don't know why I have to put this on here, but again, a few bad apples. lol

*Please be showered/bathed before coming in for service.  It is great to work out before treatment, but still shower before arriving for your appointment.

*These sessions are transformative but also a process to go through.  No pain, no gain.  Expect to be sore and/or bruised.  We are working on real issues, to your soul.  This is not spa nor relaxation.  It takes more than one session to get all the work done.  Mainly because Clients come in when they are already hurting.  So the first thing we work on is your inflammation, so you can stop having so much pain.  And we work on blood flow at the same time so you can begin to heal yourself, every night when you sleep!  People are meant to heal while they sleep, it is critical!!!  We also work on draining your lymphatic system.  So your toxins that have built up, sometimes with lack of movement, lack of fluids, etc, can get out of your body for true healing to begin again.  Then comes your second treatment where we can resolve the real underlying issue.  At the end of your treatment, we need to make a plan for 'as needed' future sessions or possibly a third time, depending on the issues, the time, how much pressure can be given, etc.  It's a journey to heal.  But absolutely worth the trip!!!  ♥   

*Beverly recommends you see her when you are ready or in need to come in.  An hour table session with us can help you decide if this type of bodywork is or is not for you!  And she will help guide you to what is an ideal treatment for next time.  No one here wants you to spend money and not be happy.   We work together as a family, we look at our Clients as family too.  We want you to heal the best way, in the shortest period of time possible.  And even though she will give you directions, stretches to work on, foam rolling suggestions, etc, she will understand if you don't do them.  lol  No one here is perfect and she doesn't expect anyone else to be either.  You can still come back.  :)

*We use unscented ALL, that is free and clear of dyes and fragrances.  Made for sensitive skin individuals.  We use it on our t-shirt sheets that everyone seems to LOVE!  We do offer hypoallergenic sheets if you request them in the comments, on Booksy. They are not nearly as soft as those t-shirt sheets, but some people need the alternative. Please just let us know in advance so we can accommodate. 

*Beverly has insurance that is Nationally Accredited.  Beverly does not allow certain moves to be performed in her office because she has seen so many Clients that have been harmed by the average LMT.  Anything from damage to bursae sacs around the knees to skin infections from cupping done by licensed massage therapists who did not pay to receive the actual training.  But instead, watched a video and thinks they can just do it. Which is unfortunately the norm in this area of Texas. Not acceptable at Knotty No More! 

*All products used are hypoallergenic, made by Biotone, unscented, and is top of the line. No short cuts are made when creating a safe and healthy environment for you to be in. Our tables are four times the cost of most, making them the softest, largest, and most comfortable in town. Our aroma therapy, heating tables, gels, lotions, etc are all included in our price.  So NO EXTRA fees where other places Nickle and Dime you. We don't stack sheets, we don't reuse blankets between treatments, we use extra blankets under the sheets that also get pulled between Clients. We are definitely different!

Massage vs. Acupressure Therapy

It is understandable how people conflate Massage with Acupressure.  However, Massage is more relaxation and working out some of the symptoms with relief commonly being short lived and minimal at best.  Acupressure is designed to be more aggressive in nature and used to identify and resolve the root of the problem.  Acupressure also addresses the lymphatic system which is crucial to ensure ongoing health.  Another core difference is Massage Therapists are simply not trained the same skill sets that Acupressure Therapists have been taught.  Massage Therapists begin with the best intentions but fall short with State regulations in Texas. Any overlap between the two disciplines is they both involve people and they share some of the same basic medical vocabulary.  Even in this circumstance, Acupressure is more comprehensive in what is expected from the Therapist in terms of sheer volume of knowledge.


Massage is governed by TDLR.  The State defines massage as manipulation of soft tissue by hand or through mechanical or electrical apparatus.  They have schools teach effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (when someone beats the sides of their hands on you), and Swedish gymnastics.  Intrinsically, LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) are taught seven different ways to spread lotion on a body.  They have a State exam that covers anything from the ways to stroke the body, all the way to which crystal is best for a chakra.  There are so very many contraindications, examples being that Massage Therapists have to give ice to your tendonitis or your carpal tunnel.  Even when they have medical certification! While Acupressure Therapists can dig into the issues and work your problems out.  Too many times, LMT’s are unfortunately prohibited from truly helping a client because they are not allowed to go over boney structures (i.e. your hip bone, near your spine, etc) or places where the muscle’s origins are.  Essentially, the focus of Western Massage in Texas is flowing movements to the superficial muscle layer for the purposes of relaxation.


Acupressure is not regulated by the State and you must be taught by a Practitioner who is extremely well versed.  Pressure is applied systematically and in a sequential method to acupoints in order to correct blockages.  There is focus given to tendons, ligaments, muscles and most importantly, joints.  Lymphatic drainage is automatically part of the acupressure process.  While there is no regulation by the State, communities often know who heals and where to go for such relief, letting the free market regulate. Acupressure is classified under work which is not within the statutory definition of Massage.

At Knotty No More, we are definitely NOT Massage, nor a Spa, nor a Salon.   While we do not need it, we are all certified in Acupressure through classes.  We have certifications from Auricular Therapy to Stretching to Lymphatic Drainage to Sports Therapies.    We are constantly training to provide the greatest relief for our clients’ pain.  We take your pain very seriously and consistently strive to provide excellence in Acupressure Therapy.

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