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Gift Card Needed?
In the message above, please include:
how much you would like on the gift card, 
the name of the indivdual it's for, 
and their mailing address or email address - so we can mail it out or email them accordingly. 

Also include any special notes or info you want us to include!  ♥

You can NOW BUY gift cards  on our Booksy App!

(830) 522-PAIN

If Andrew can't get to the phone, please leave a message if you want a call back. We don't stalk people. :)

Located at

1619 E. Common St

Ste #1001

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Office Hours:


Monday - Friday:     

10am - 4:30pm


10am - 6pm



For already established Clients:

Please call during office hours or text anytime if our normal hours will not work for you and you are in serious pain.  We will try to accommodate.  We truly care for our clients! 

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