After speaking to several of my clients, I believe we have a cure. It is a mixture that is taken as a tea. And before I have someone tell me that drinking tea is bad for kidney stones, let me stop you there. There was an article written based on a supposed study that was done on patients that had kidney stones. When researched, there was NO SUCH STUDY!!! And yet, you will read a ton of articles repeating this non-sense.

Now for this AMAZING tea elixir! I’m sure you don’t have to be brand specific, but just in case, people are using Palo Azul by El Indio. It looks like bark of a tree. And you need to buy an ear or two of corn, unshucked. When you shuck the corn, you want the silk you find inside. Take the silk and put it in the bottom of your tea cup. Then place a few pieces of bark on top. Add boiled water and let it steep.

When it naturally cools to a nice temperature for YOU, pour through a strainer and then drink the tea. You can dry off the bark, completely, and re-use. Now drink 20 ounces of water.

If you are just beginning to pass a kidney stone, it is recommended to drink four cups of tea in a row, each followed by water, to erode the stone down to nothing. If you want to prevent kidney stones, and you have them anywhere from 6-12 months, take a cup per month so you can NEVER have them AGAIN!!! 



Most of my Clients know that I believe in Chiropractors. We recommend them when we can feel you are out of alignment. I also understand having fear or distain because there are so very many that have bad practices.

My absolute favorite part of my career is that MUSCLE PULLS BONES. Not the other way around! So, if you going more than once for the same issue or even just one time and the fix doesn’t hold, you need deep tissue bodywork. There is no scientific rationale for adjusting the spine regularly to correct “subluxations” or for ongoing “maintenance therapy” when there are no symptoms. When a Chiropractor uses such an approach, there is a reason to be concerned about the validity of any advice they may offer.

However, if you have had bodywork, going directly to see your Chiropractor afterwards can help both treatments last longer. Saving you time and cha ching! And while I love seeing my Clients, I also like knowing they are doing fantastic without me.

Here is a list of bad practices:

*You are told you need a package or a plan. Red flag, red flag!!!

*All Patients are being herded in like cattle. You are not supposed to feel like you are on an assembly line!

*Watch out for questionable diagnostics. A Chiropractor treats pain and loss of mobility as it is related to the spinal column. (If you suffer nerve damage, a neurologist would be needed to treat the nerves. If your Chiropractor is selling supplements like protein, it is out of their scope.)

*When you have already told your Chiropractor, what positions work best for your body and they decide to ignore you and do the easy stuff. (Requesting an occipital lift and then they skip over that.)

*Some Chiropractors like to take x-rays and then say you have a ruptured disc. A ruptured disc is NOT visible on an x-ray film. It’s also not likely that you have a herniated disc if you don’t have radiation of pain and other severe symptoms down one of your legs. However, if you do have those symptoms, you need a CT scan or an MRI to diagnosis. That is where your family Physician comes in.

*The Chiropractor uses a gun on your spine as an adjustment instead of manually adjusting you. Those guns are for opening up muscles so you can adjust the rotator cuff, as an example. It does not replace a manual adjustment.

*You are adjusted and are still in pain. When you tell the Chiropractor, they tell you to come back in a few days. (Really Buddy? Is that when I pay you too?) If the pain is getting worse, you must look for alternatives.

*You never see them clean the tables between Patients! Changing the paper is nice, but the tables need to be sterilized. Your arms are going to be on the table, like the person before you. (Everyone knows I’m a clean freak!)

*If you are taking your infant or toddler in, make sure the Chiropractor is certified in the Webster Technique as well as having their certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics. They need to have completed their CACCP pediatric certification training. Hopefully through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Make today AMAZING!

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